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If you are looking to purchase a stair lift and so are concerned about having one particular to fit since you Possess a curved, odd shaped staircase or a number of landings dont be! Curved stair lifts are exactly what you'll need.

Whatever the configuration or structure of your staircase, stair lifts might be tailor produced to the size and form of pretty much any staircase effortlessly Dealing with bends, straights and landings.

But of course, this further overall flexibility arrives at a price tag generally speaking these types of stair lifts are more expensive than their straight counterparts. Relying on the configuration within your staircase the worth will be based on many elements: the number of bends, the angle from the bends, the duration of the actual staircase, cost of labour and so on.

Yet another layout as well as with curved stairlifts is their capability to be put in on both The within or the outside route of one's stairs. Fundamentally, This implies the stairlift can run along either facet of your stairs and the profile of one's stairs will confirm which might be the most fitted option for you.

Whilst There exists a buoyant market for 2nd-hand and utilized straight stair lifts There may be minimal marketplace for curved stair lifts. And as such they've got no actual resale benefit, simply because they are tailor made built to fit particular person staircases they are not suited to installing in other Homes.

In watch of the, when you realize that after a couple of years you have to go outside of your home, Until you may have The same staircase, it's best to depart your stair raise in situ.

All over again, simply because they are individually built, be prepared to pay out your provider a considerable deposit when purchasing a curved stair elevate. This observe does not normally happen with a traditional, straight stair lifts though the one particular you will be ordering will only slot in your own home and if you pull out of the offer the provider will not be in a position to resell it.


Should you are thinking about possessing a stair carry in your home the website beneath incorporates absolutely free details and impartial advice on this topic.

These are typically, certainly, just a couple of slight concerns you'll want to bear in mind when choosing to purchase a curved stairlift it's possible you'll decide that some great benefits of having the ability to obtain every one of the flooring your current household far out way these points especially when in comparison with the stress and expense of changing the house or going to just one storey home.