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But she isn't really positive what that improve in leadership could possibly necessarily mean for her and other seniors living in Canada.

"I don't see something we'd like as seniors in any on the platforms. To be genuine, I do not Believe I heard one of (the celebration leaders) discuss it," she said, sitting down outside the front doorways of her apartment making in Sydney.

"I'm Uninterested in (Justin) Trudeau. We need a adjust. But I don't know. I am hoping (Erin) O'Toole might be various if he gets in and will not be best medicare approved hospital beds like (Stephen) Harper."

Dixon lives in the seniors' complicated that gives sponsored housing and it has a modest monthly earnings together with her old age stability and Canada pension.

"I do not get Significantly in Canadian pension. And the expense of every thing has long gone up so much," mentioned Dixon, who want to see a rise to the old-age software.

"I get Folger's big containers of espresso, ideal? They are usually $six.97. I went to Sobeys the other day they usually ended up $14. The associated fee has absent up so much You can not pay for to consume."

Dixon also worries about health and fitness care for seniors, Particularly On the subject of house care and extended-phrase care facility wait around instances.

"I am aware men and women in in this article who ought to be in the hospital. They ought to be in a lengthy-phrase care facility but they're not. They've been on ready lists for five, six many years Nonetheless they're however in below," stated Dixon.

"And homecare has gone down too simply because they don't have any one to work. Folks are lacking visits from homecare mainly because there is not any one particular to operate."

Anne Rogal can be a senior residing in Richmond County who has long been helping Reasonable Vote Canada do outreach by handing details out in her Neighborhood. Good Vote is a corporation pushing for proportional representation in governing administration.

"I believe the technique is damaged. I have already been handing out things for Fair Vote Canada during the hopes that individuals will question candidates about electoral reform and obtain all parties on side with that challenge," she said.


"But I would too be invisible in terms of candidates. Haven't seen a one and when it weren’t for that odd little bit of spam and a sign here and there, I would scarcely realize that an election was on. I am sad to say inclined to agree with Anyone who's declaring this election was avoidable."